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Browsealoud text to speech

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Browsealoud...Making our website talk!

BrowseAloud is a text-to-speech application that assists people with mild visual impairments, low literacy and reading skills, and English as a second language, to read the content on our website and other activated websites.

Once the software is downloaded onto personal computers and activated, it works by speaking the words as a cursor moves over the selected text. 

BrowseAloud is available free to people who are using our website and other activated websites.

BrowseAloud has many features to assist those with dyslexia, literacy difficulties, mild visual impairments and where English is a second language. BrowseAloud features and options are accessed from an easy to use, floating toolbar. 

Download Browsealoud for PC and MAC

Hover highlighting

When visiting a BrowseAloud enabled website you simply need to place your mouse over the text to have it read to you. You will notice that the text is read aloud and highlighted at the same time. This audio-visual reinforcement increases word recognition and improves reading. 

Text selection

As an alternative to Hover Highlighting, you can select specific text to hear it read aloud. You will notice that the text is read aloud and highlighted at the same time, just like the Hover Highlighting feature.


If you find a word on a BrowseAloud enabled website that you don't understand, the BrowseAloud Dictionary can help. You can look up accurate definitions from an extensive database of words and definitions. Website owners can add words and definitions to this dictionary for their own website.

Screen masking

If you want to focus on a particular area of a BrowseAloud enabled web page, the Screen Masking feature can help. BrowseAloud can alter the appearance of your screen by adding a colour filter to your whole screen with a letterbox reading window or with an 'electronic ruler'. This masking feature can benefit can benefit those with certain visual impairments and learning difficulties.

Options panel

BrowseAloud is ready to use immediately after download, however, BrowseAloud also has a number of options available to adapt the software to suit individual user preferences. This includes having the ability to use other voices and to change the colours used when highlighting.