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What we have done

reducing co2

We work hard to make sure we are as sustainable as possible. Over the last decade we have reduced our energy consumption to the extent we have saved £2.5 million – and we are trying to reduce our use of gas and electricity even more. 

We are working with our partners Skanska and Derby Healthcare to continue our sustainable efforts, with schemes including the installation of photovoltaic cells at London Road Community Hospital. This is not only decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels, but saving thousands of pounds a year which can be reinvested into patient care. We are looking at developing further our efforts to embrace renewable technology. 

We encourage all our staff to act in an environmentally responsible way by switching off lights and PCs overnight and printing only when they really need to. When put together these small acts can bring about a big change. 

The Trust has received the Carbon Trust Standard xxx years in a row, which demonstrates that we have made some lasting differences to reduce our carbon footprint. The Carbon Trust Standard is a mark of excellence that is awarded to organisations for measuring, managing and reducing their carbon emissions and committing to make further reductions year on year. It is valid for two years and is the world’s first such award.

We have been working hard to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, and increase the amount of recycling generated within the Trust. 

Last year we recycled more than 400 tonnes – that’s about four times the weight of a blue whale. 

We encourage our staff to use sustainable transport to travel to work. Fewer than half our staff now travel to work in single-occupancy vehicles, and almost 25 per cent use public transport to reach our hospitals. 

Find out how to reach our hospitals here: http://www.derbyhospitals.nhs.uk/about/how-to-find-us/

We hold a number of transport weeks every year when we promote sustainable travel in collaboration with bus companies Arriva and Trent Barton. 

Our award-winning Travel Plan is produced every year to demonstrate what we are doing to encourage staff to travel sustainably. 

Dementia Plate
Our partners ISS, who provide catering services for the Trust, have reduced the amount of food wasted through changing the way they give out food to patients. 

By introducing new ‘grazing plates’ which offer smaller pieces of food which is easy for patients to eat, they have cut down the amount of food leftover at the end of mealtimes, and they have achieved the same result through altering the time they deliver food around whether a patient is undergoing a procedure at mealtimes.