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Welcome to our monthly blog, telling you about the things we have going on in our Trust. 


Well it may be cold and miserable outside, but we’re all fired up to move on with our sustainability agenda for 2017. 

We already have big plans in place, with Environmental Champions training planned for March and April this year. We’ve already filled the session taking place at the Royal Derby for NHS Sustainability Day, but if you’re interested in getting involved, let us know and we can put your name down for the next session. 

NHS Sustainability Day is on March 23 and we’ve got lots planned to celebrate our sustainable efforts and get people involved in the work we’re doing. Look out for information nearer the time to find out what’s going on. 

As well as all this, we’re also expanding our Junior Environmental Champions scheme. We already work with Wren Park Primary School, in Mickleover, but we’re now looking to work with other schools in the area to engage young people in our community into improving our local environment. 


Energy Week went by in a whirl, with successful events including our re-launched Environmental Champions training and stalls at the Royal Derby Hospital and London Road Community Hospital.

It’s great to see people getting engaged with sustainable travel and keen to learn about the sustainable initiatives we have in the Trust. 

It’s a shame that more people were not able to come to the Environmental Champions training, as we had a great response from everyone who attended, but we have further sessions running in March where people can attend. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the green ambitions of the Trust and the work we’re doing to achieve those, and it can provide you with some ideas for encouraging colleagues to think in a more sustainable way. 

I think we could all alter our mindsets a little in the run up to Christmas, to make sure we think about being a little more sustainable. Maybe you could weave some green aims into your New Year’s Resolutions and think about walking to working or using public transport, rather than driving. 

Take a look at some of the tips elsewhere on this page to see what you could do to make our Trust – and our community – a greener place to be. 


Welcome to your monthly Earthbeat blog – providing an insight into the green ambitions of our Trust. 

Sustainability is important to us as a Trust. We have ambitions to become a flagship Trust in innovative, practical and financially viable environmental solutions. We want to encourage a culture of sustainability within our workforce, supporting green thinking both in our hospitals and in the wider community. 

That’s why we’re re-launching our Environmental Champions scheme, in a bid to engage more of our staff in our drive to make sure our Trust is playing its part in improving our world for the better. 

The scheme will launch during Sustainability Week, running from 7 November. Find out more about how our training sessions went next time.