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Major incidents

In the event of a major incident* the role of the Communications Team is to produce timely, co-ordinated and effective communications with staff and the media, providing advice, information and instruction where appropriate.

Should a major incident occur, the Trust has a contingency plan that includes arrangements for the media. The Media Centre will be located in the Lecture Theatre in the Education Centre at the Royal Derby Hospital. Any media that arrive on site will be escorted to the Media Centre by security. It will be the hub of all media activity on site and refreshments will be provided. Media will be directed by signage to park in car parks 3 and 4. In the event that it is agreed to hold press conference/briefings, they will also be held in the Lecture Theatre.

Our priority is to provide information to the media as quickly as possible. The timing and content of media statements will be agreed between the Communications Lead and the Executive Lead on the day.

*A Major Incident is defined by NHS Emergency Planning Guidance as “any occurrence that presents a serious threat to the health of the community, disruption to the service, or causes (or is likely to cause) such numbers or types of casualties as to require special arrangements to be implemented by hospitals, ambulance trusts or primary care organisations”. The decision to declare a major incident by the Trust will depend on the nature and scale of the incident and whether the Trust is required to provide a response to the incident.

Derbyshire Prepared

You may find the Derbyshire Prepared website, the website of the Derbyshire Local Resilience Forum, a useful resource. You can find information and advice to help you better prepare if there was an emergency in the county.

If an emergency occurs, on the site information will be published about what is happening, how the incident is being dealt with and by whom, and how you can help to protect yourself.

Visit: http://www.derbyshireprepared.org.uk/


Click here to find out the latest news for Derbyshire: http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/transport_roads/roads_traffic/road_maintenance/snow_info/default.asp