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Changes to car parking prices from 6 January

21 December 2011

Car parking charges for patients and visitors have remained the same for four consecutive years at Derby Hospitals.

During this time a number of cost pressures have continued to increase:

  • VAT increase of 2.5% in January 2011.
  • Energy costs have increased for electricity which affects lighting, the barrier system and other running costs.
  • Service contracts across car parking have increased due to the changes to the UK economy.

Click here to see the increases, which take effect from 6 January 2012.

Patients and visitors pay for car parking according to the length of time spent in the car park. The revenue from car parking is put back into the maintenance and upkeep of our car parks, staffing the car parks and ensuring that they are safe places to park. Any surplus revenue from car parking charges goes back into frontline care.

Derby Hospitals has consistently strived to ensure the car parking tariff on the hospital sites is equal to or less than car parking charges set by Derby City Council. Even with the proposed changes we will still be cheaper than Derby City Council.

A few months ago we introduced a new concessionary charge for a monthly car parking ticket of £25, which is equal to others in our area, and continue to offer a weekly ticket for £9 which allows unlimited parking for one week and can be shared with friends and family.

The first 20 minutes in all car parks still remaining free of charge and concessionary passes remaining unaffected. The Trust has 20 free disabled spaces available and has no plans to change this. In addition, we currently have 26 30-minute drop-off bays.