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Royal Derby Hospital allocated funding for three extra theatres

Published 29/03/2018

Derby Teaching Hospitals has been awarded Government funding to help manage an expected increase in demand for surgical procedures. 

Up to £6.5 million has been allocated by the Department of Health and Social Care to develop two extra Orthopaedic theatres and a surgical theatre at the Royal Derby Hospital.

An additional 28 beds will be made available as a result of the 15-month project, which will see existing space at the hospital redeveloped to provide the extra capacity needed to manage a projected rise in theatre activity and reduce waiting times for Orthopaedics and Endoscopy.    

The Government funding will also be used to reopen a community Endoscopy service at Ilkeston Community Hospital to more efficiently manage demand while enabling more patients to access care closer to their own homes.

Derby Teaching Hospitals Chief Executive Gavin Boyle said: “We are delighted to have been allocated this capital funding by the Department of Health and Social Care. One of the things that we see year on year is increasing demand in surgery and diagnostic procedures, like Endoscopy. This demand is expected to continue to rise over the next few years, so this funding will help us to future proof our services to make sure we’re ready for when this increase takes place. The allocation of these funds will also allow Endoscopy services to be developed in the community, so that patients can access care closer to their own homes.”

Endoscopy plays a vital role in the diagnosis of and ongoing surveillance for gastrointestinal cancers, with many patients visiting the Royal Derby Hospital for treatment who could much more conveniently attend a community hospital. 

Endoscopy services and the Orthopaedic department at the Royal Derby Hospital have both seen a considerable recent growth in demand, with demand for endoscopy procedures forecasted to increase nationally by over 40% by 2020. 

Last Modified 29/03/2018