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Off-duty ODPs help stop man from bleeding to death

Published 25/01/2018

Two Royal Derby Hospital theatre practitioners helped save a man’s life while out celebrating a colleague’s birthday in Derby city centre. 

Judith Skidmore and Danielle Lee were on a work night out when a car pulled up carrying a man who had suffered a potentially fatal cut to his arm and was covered in blood.  

The Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) immediately came to the man’s aid and started applying pressure to the wound to help stop the bleeding until paramedics arrived. 

He was then rushed to the Royal Derby Hospital and needed extensive surgery after severing an artery, with the quick-thinking of Judith and Danielle ensuring that he didn’t bleed to death. 

Danielle said: “We were outside a bar when a man got out of his car and started shouting for someone to help his brother. He was bleeding everywhere, so we wrapped his hoodie around his arm to try and stop the bleeding. It seemed forever until the ambulance arrived but we both just stayed with him and kept talking to him. You literally go into work mode when something like that happens and so you try to keep calm. Neither of us thought twice about helping him; we just did what needed to be done.”

Both Danielle and Judith have been rewarded commendations from Derbyshire Constabulary Chief Superintendent Jim Allen for their heroic actions last October. 

Judith said: “We didn’t really think it was a big deal at the time, as it’s just what we do. So, it was a shock when we were told we were going to receive an award. We didn’t realise that we’d helped save the man’s life until a few days later. You’re never really off-duty in this job and we are both happy to have been able to help.” 

Derby Teaching Hospitals Theatre Manager, Nigel Roberts, added: “As their manager, I am extremely proud and humbled by the compassion, commitment, calmness and care shown by Judith and Dani when helping a member of the public who was unfortunately injured. They have done the ODP profession and the Royal Derby Hospital proud. It is an absolute privilege to work with, not just Judith and Dani, but the entire multidisciplinary team in these turbulent and testing times.” 

Last Modified 25/01/2018