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May 2017 - Update on Burton Derby Collaboration

May 2017 - Update on Burton Derby Collaboration

Published 05/05/2017


Update on proposed strategic collaboration between Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


May 2017


The boards of Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have both met independently over the last month, to review the Outline Business Case for the proposed collaboration between the two organisations. Both Boards were intending to take a decision on this at their meetings in early May which would, if approved, allow the next phase of planning to begin.


However, the official guidelines relating to the pre-General Election period known as ‘Purdah’ restrict public sector announcements on matters of significance from a strategy or policy perspective. Therefore, any decision regarding the Outline Business Case could not be announced until after the election in June.

Consequently, both boards have agreed to take the opportunity to allow further time to consider this important document and have agreed to make a decision in early June, so this can then be shared in a timely way after the General Election.

The Trusts are seeking to build a partnership of equals that will provide sustainable hospital services for patients and their families. Intensive work is therefore continuing at a pace to fully explore how both Trusts can work together to improve, sustain and expand quality services for patients across their combined catchment areas.

Both Trusts are keen to make sure that staff, governors, patients, their families and carers are involved in the development of the potential partnership. If the Outline Business Case is approved in June, the Trusts are committed to transparent and open public engagement with all stakeholders to gather their views.

Gavin Boyle, 

Chief Executive, 

Derby Teaching Hospitals


Helen Scott South, 

Chief Executive, 

Burton Hospitals


Last Modified 05/05/2017