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New Radiotherapy machines improve treatment for cancer patients

Published 28/04/2017

Cancer patients at the Royal Derby Hospital are benefiting from improvements in treatment, thanks to new state-of-the-art Radiotherapy equipment.


Two new Varian Trubeam Linear Accelerators are now active in the department, with a third machine due to be up and running by the end of the year.


The new machines replace some which are coming to the end of their working life. They provide quicker, more accurate treatment for patients, using image-guidance to help radiographers direct the treatment more precisely. This leads to better results and fewer side-effects, as well as reducing the amount of time patients spend in treatment during each radiotherapy session.


Lorna MacDonald, Radiotherapy Services Manager for Treatment, said: “The machines have made a huge difference to us. They have in-built technology to provide imaging during the treatment, which means we can provide much more targeted treatment. It also means we can deliver more advanced treatments. Feedback suggests our patients are very satisfied with the new machines.”


Steve Liptrot, from Uttoxeter, has just completed treatment for prostate cancer with the new machines.


He said: “I’ve been very impressed with the machines. It’s all been pretty positive. My experience of the hospital and treatment has been second to none.”


Around 40 patients a day are treated by each machine, for a variety of cancers. The length of treatment varies depending on the condition. 

Last Modified 28/04/2017