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Derby/Burton Collaboration Update

Derby/Burton Collaboration Update

Published 07/10/2016

Derby/Burton Collaboration Update

Over the past few months we have been exploring opportunities to further develop the existing partnership between Derby Teaching Hospitals and Burton Hospitals to help better meet the challenges we face and to improve care for people in Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

This week, our Boards have independently approved a Strategic Outline Case which begins to describe the benefits that a closer relationship could bring. Both concluded that we should support this direction of travel and agreed to the next phase of more detailed work which will be completed by the Spring.

We have been hugely impressed by the spirit in which our teams have engaged with this work and want to thank all our staff who have put so much energy and enthusiasm into the clinical and support service workshops throughout the summer which formed the basis of this Strategic Outline Case.

Both Trusts recognise that our future challenges can’t be met by working alone and we are determined to build a partnership that will provide sustainable hospital services for our patients and their families for decades to come. Together we are passionate about providing quality services that are better, safer and conveniently accessible for local people.

The emerging benefits of the partnership include:

- Opportunities to better use our community hospitals at London Road, Lichfield and Tamworth to become a focus for the new models of care centred around the place people live which are being developed as part of the Sustainability and Transformation Plans in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. This will  provide an opportunity to deliver more specialist outpatient services in Southern Staffordshire

- Securing access to important general services particularly at Burton through the benefits of  working together, maintaining Queen’s Hospital as a vibrant district general hospital

- Enabling Derby Teaching Hospitals to deliver its specialist services to a wider catchment population and thereby securing access to them for people in Staffordshire and Derbyshire

- Improving the quality of services offered by sharing learning and best practice

- Reducing duplication in our support services and lowering the overhead costs, releasing funds for front line patient care.

As part of the development of this Strategic Outline Case we have also explored what form of relationship would be most likely to deliver these benefits. This has ranged from a loose partnership similar to what we have now, through to forming a single organisation and various options in between. No decision has been made. However, the Boards agreed that in the next phase of the work we should explore two options in depth; firstly the option of forming a close and binding partnership of two separate organisations known as a ‘group structure’ or secondly forming one organisation.

We will be talking with you more over the coming weeks as we start to do this next phase of the work and we will be keen  to hear your views.

Whilst we are different organisations with different histories and experience, this is a partnership of respected equals which celebrates our differences and seeks to build on the best that both Trusts have to offer.

Last Modified 07/10/2016