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Volunteers support work in A&E department

Published 07/09/2016

A raft of volunteers is to be recruited to support the A&E department at the Royal Derby Hospital.

A team of 12 will work seven days a week in the busy frontline area to help staff ensure the smooth running of the department.

The group will carry out basic tasks to support healthcare staff and enable them to concentrate on patient care. They will also be available to talk with patients who are alone in the department 

Dr Dan Boden, Assistant Clinical Lead for Emergency Medicine, said: “By introducing volunteers to our Emergency Department seven days a week, we will free up nursing and healthcare staff to focus on caring for our patients, rather than carrying out other tasks. The volunteers will be a valuable addition to the department, and we’re very pleased to welcome them all.”

There are a number of volunteers already working in the department, but it is the first time the arrangement has been formalised in this way.

Lorna Adamson, 21, is one of the first volunteers to be trained for the role.

Lorna finished a degree at Newcastle University this year, and is taking a year out ahead of completing a masters to gain some work experience. 

She said: “I like the fact that anything can happen in the Emergency Department. It keeps you on your toes. I get to spend time interacting with the patients and it’s nice to see different parts of the hospital. 

“I think it’s very positive for A&E. If having us here means the staff can focus on the patients and give them the best experience then I think we’ll be valuable.”


Lorna volunteer
Last Modified 07/09/2016