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Creative staff show off their skills in Inspire exhibtion

Published 29/07/2016

Creative staff from Derby Teaching Hospitals have brought their artistic skills to the corridors of the Royal Derby Hospital and London Road Community Hospital, as part of a major new exhibition.

The Inspire exhibition includes dozens of pieces from staff working across the Trust in roles ranging from nurses and therapists to cleaners and consultants. Some of the work has been created using hospital equipment - including disposable urinals and artificial joints.

It is the first exhibition of its kind put together by the Trust’s arts charity Air Arts, but the calibre of work has led the team to consider including staff work in future exhibitions, too.

Programme manager Laura Waters said: “This project is all about showcasing the artistic talents of the staff and it’s been fantastic to see just how good the work is.  It’s also great that a real sense of community has developed through this project, helping to create a unique, uplifting experience for our patients, staff and visitors. This demonstrates the importance of creativity in all our lives, and how it can help us express ourselves in a healthy way that also benefits others.”

The exhibition features work from 20 colleagues, along with pieces by artists working in the community.

Robert Gilchrist, a painter and decorator with the Trust has several paintings on display. He said: “Art has been my main passion for as long as I can remember and I have been creating illustrations and paintings now for over 50 years. I’m really excited at the opportunity to exhibit some of recent works here and I love the thought of people seeing the paintings I’ve created as a labour of love over the years.”

Work by staff has also been included in the first ever art exhibition at London Road Community Hospital, along with work created by a former patient at the hospital. 

Joanne Aisthorpe, who was a patient in the Neuro-rehabilitation unit Kings Lodge, created a series of photographs which she collated to show how staff on the ward improved her stay. It is entitled ‘Only When I Laugh’.


Karla williams
Last Modified 29/07/2016