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Sculpture is a lasting memorial to former colleagues

Published 15/06/2016

A new sculpture created in memory of four former members of staff has been unveiled at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The butterfly sculpture was created to honour the memory of four women who worked in the Intensive Care Unit. Ann Johnson, Rachel Gibbon, Andrea Allcock and Joan Hunt passed away between 2004 and 2014, while they were still working at the Trust.

It was designed and made by John Gould, the son of a senior nurse on the unit, who selected the design as former healthcare assistant Joan had always loved butterflies.

Dr Naresh Nandwari, Intensive Care Consultant, said: “A lot of the staff in the Intensive Care Unit have been here for many years, and I look upon us as a family. Following Joan’s death in 2014, we wanted to do something to remember her and other colleagues who had died. This sculpture allows us to come together with a single focus to remember Ann, Rachel, Andrea and Joan, and other staff members who may pass away while working here.”

Friends and family of the four ladies joined present and former colleagues for the unveiling of the sculpture, which is in the central hospital courtyard. Family members attached wire-formed names of their loved ones to the sculpture, which has been created using wood and metal.

Tim Hunt, Joan’s husband, said: “This is a lovely tribute. It’s nice that it can be seen and people can go there to remember Joan and her colleagues. She would have loved it. She was very caring, and had such a jolly outlook on life. She tried to make life better for everybody.” 

Joan worked as a healthcare assistant in the unit for eight years. Ann, Andrea and Rachel worked for many years as nurses.

Sculptor John Gould created the artwork in his free time, while working as a professional artist in London. He said: “It was a real honour to be asked to do this. I’m so proud of it. It’s great that it’s in such a central location and it is so visible to people.”

The sculpture can be seen from the windows of the Intensive Care Unit. 

Butterfly small sculpture outside hospital
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