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Calling all knitters!

Published 11/02/2016

Derby Hospitals Charity are sending out an appeal to the public of Derby to show off their knitting skills by creating special sensory bands known as twiddle muffs, which are used to help patients living with dementia. 

The sensory band is a knitted muff which is stitched with a number of tactile attachments, including ribbons, buttons, fake fur and felt to provide different sensations when they are touched. They are handed to patients living with dementia, who can become uncomfortable in strange situations, to keep their hands occupied and, in turn, help to keep them calm.  

Sue Abdulla, lead nurse for dementia care, said she has seen a positive effect since introducing the bands earlier in the year.

She added: “We have only recently started using these sensory bands. They have been shown to help soothe patients with dementia who may be distressed whilst they are a patient here in the hospital. So far we have had very positive reports from staff who say that the patients love using them.”

You can find a step by step guide for making the bands on the Derby Hospitals Charity website at https://www.derbyhospitalscharity.org.uk/news/calling-all-knitters/

The charity is also seeking donations of wool and other items, which can be given to knitters to make the twiddle muffs. 

Twiddle muffs
Last Modified 16/02/2016