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Parking at the Royal Derby Hospital

Due to the regular high volume of cars arriving at the Royal Derby Hospital site, you are highly likely to experience significant delays in finding a parking space.  

You are therefore strongly encouraged to use public transport for all journeys to and from hospital where this is possible. 

If it is not possible, you should allow plenty of time to arrive and find a parking space so that you do not miss your appointment. This may mean giving yourself an extra 60 minutes to arrive, find a car parking space and then make it to your appointment on time.

Car parking policy front cover
The Royal Derby Hospital has more than 1,000 patient, relatives and visitor parking spaces.

There are many car parks at the Royal Derby Hospital,
please use the car park closest to the department you
are visiting (this is indicated on patient appointment letters).

The first 30 minutes in any car park is free
of charge and unlimited weekly passes are available for regular users at a concessionary rate of £11 per week (available to purchase from the car park office, car park 6).

Car parks 1 and 8 are short stay car parks

Car parks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 are long stay car with car parks 4, 6 and 7 having the largest number of spaces.

Area/building                          Car Park(s)

Accident & Emergency                             4
Maternity & Gynaecology                          6
Children’s Hospital                                   5 & 6
Specialist Outpatients (Cancer)             6 & 7
Medical / Surgical Outpatients               1 & 8
Breast Unit                                                  6 & 7
Kings Treatment Centre                          1, 2, 3 & 4
Education Centre                                      4

If you require further information regarding patient and visitor car parking at the Royal Derby Hospital, please visit the car parking office situated in Car park 6 or telephone 01332 786776.


Should you require help from your vehicle to the hospital entrance please press the intercom on entry to the car park where you will be contacted by a member of the car parking team who will arrange for an attendant to meet you at your vehicle.to assist.  

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

You can charge your electric vehicle at our Electric Car Charging Points located in Car Park 3 and  will need to be a member of Charge Your Car. From 1st May 2017 Charge your Car will apply a £1 connection fee to all public charging points in England and Wales that  do not have a tariff applied to them. 

Car parking charges will still apply. 

Free 10 minute drop off/pick up spaces are available
  • Main Entrance

Free 30 minute drop off/pick up spaces are available at:
  • Accident & Emergency
  • Entrances 24
  • Entrance 21
  • Children’s Hospital


All car parks are free for the first 30 minutes. Simply insert your ticket into the exit barrier.
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                                      DISABLED CAR PARKING SPACES

 As a Trust we endeavour at all times to provide the best quality services to our patients and visitors and our car parking provision is included in this aim.

In response to the need for dedicated car parking facilities for patients and visitors, we have designated Car Park 3 as being specifically for the use of disabled people, having 64 allocated spaces.

All car parks have a number of disabled spaces therefore in total there are 123 disabled spaces in various locations. Some of those spaces are outside of the car parks and are free of charge, these being located at Entrance 24, Entrance 21 and Children’s Hospital.

For those blue badge holders who have problems using the barriers, special dispensation will be offered to park outside of the barriers. Prior to their appointment or visit, patients and visitors would need to ring the Car Parking Office who would then advise them where to park.

To avoid misuse of the spaces and ensure that spaces are available for those who genuinely need them, patients and visitors will be asked to provide information why they cannot operate the barriers and will also be asked to provide their name, car registration number and disability badge number which will be kept on record in the car parking office.

The car parking office opening hours are 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday and 1pm to 9pm weekends and Bank Holidays.

For all enquiries please ring the Car Parking Office on: 01332 (7)86776

There are a number of car parking discounts available to eligible patients and visitors.

Regular visitors can purchase weekly tickets for just £11. This ticket allows unlimited parking for one week and can be shared with friends and family. Weekly tickets must be purchased from the car parking office in Car park 6. A monthly concessionary car parking ticket at a charge of £25.00 is available for patients and visitors whose stay or visits to the hospital exceed one month. Applications for this pass need to be accompanied by an authorisation form signed and dated by a senior member of the nursing team from the Ward or Department you are visiting.  Without a signature a monthly pass will not be issued. For further information telephone 01332 786776.

Blue badge holders and renal dialysis patients are entitled to concessionary car parking tickets for Car park 3. Available from Car park 6.

Patients who are in receipt of certain benefits (i.e. income support, income based jobseekers allowance, tax, child and pension credits) may be entitled to claim back car parking charges. For more information please visit the cashiers' office on level 3 in the main entrance of the Royal Derby Hospital.

Evening Parking is only £1.00 between 5pm - 9pm (vehicles must enter the car park after 5pm and exit before 9pm).

Over Night Parking is only £2.00 between 5pm - 8am (vehicles must enter the car park after 5pm and exit the following morning before 8am).

 The first 30 minutes parking in any car park are free.

Patient & visitor charges

The revenue from car parking is put back into the maintenance and upkeep of our car parks, staffing the car parks and ensuring that they are safe places to park.

Any surplus revenue from car parking charges goes back into frontline care.

Car parks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7



 Up to 1 hour  £2.40              
 Up to 2 hours  £3.20
 Up to 3 hours  £4.10
 Up to 4 hours  £4.70
 Up to 5 hours  £5.20
 Up to 6 hours  £6.20
 Daily rate over 6 hours  £9.00
 Lost tickets charged at Daily Rate  £9.00
 Long term stay concession (7 day pass)  £11.00
 Long term stay concession (monthly pass)  £25.00

Evening Parking

Between 5pm and 9pm

(Vehicles must enter the car park after 5pm and exit before 9pm)

Over Night Parking

Between 5pm and 8am

(Vehicles must enter the car park after 5pm and exit before 8am the following morning) 






The first 30 minutes parking in any car park are free.

Car Parks 1 and 8 are short stay only and any tickets for vehicles remaining beyond the three hour limit will be charged at £25.

Concessionary tickets will not be valid in the short stay car parks.

Lost tickets

Patients and visitors who lose their ticket will need to go to the car parking office situated in Car park 6 where they will need to provide proof that they are the owners of the car, an appointment card or name of the patient they are visiting and the ward. The lost ticket fee will be charged and a validated ticket issued. Lost tickets are charged at £9.00.

Car parking policy front cover
Car Parking Policy 2016