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Stress-related sickness


Breast reduction surgery


Plans for LRCH site


Processed meats


Income from private patients


Completiton requirements expenditure - Attachment 1 - Attachment 2


Missing belongings from bedsides


Stealing medical supplies


Self discharge - Attachment


Complaints against doctors and nurses


Cost of pre-printed stationary


Sexual health checks




Under 16 birth rate - Attachment 1


Orthopaedic expenditure - Attachment 1


Drug delivery service


Early discharge scheme


Cancelled operations


Hand hygiene


Electronic patient records - Attachment 1 - Attachment 2


Doctors grades


Benchmarking tools - Attachment


Project names


Electronic staff records - Attachment 1 - Attachment 2 - Attachment 3 - Attachment 4 - Attachment 5 - Attachment 6 - Attachment 7


Outsourced operations


 Ethnistiy of staff - Attachment


Public health funerals


 Insulin infusion therapy


Smoking disaplinary


Sterile services - Attachment


Short Term Absence Procedure


Peripherally inserted central venous catheters


Laparoscopic hernia surgery


Infection potential of mobile devices


Fines from the CCG  for failing to meet  contract targets


Electronic records for blood results


Digital Dictation


Executive directors


 Otolaryngology - Attachment


Employee capability' programmes


Patients bitten by a dog - Attachment 1 - Attachment 2


Assult on staff


Outsourcing IT services


IT server storage