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Trauma and orthopaedics


  • Trauma & orthopaedics outpatients, level 1, Royal Derby Hospital
    (best entrance - entrance 9)
  • Trauma & orthopaedics theatres, level 2, Royal Derby Hospital
    (best entrances - main entrance and entrance 9)
  • Trauma & orthopaedics wards, level 2, Royal Derby Hospital
    (best entrances - main entrance, entrances 9 & 24)



Our musculo-skeletal (orthopaedic) department provides care for patients who have musculo-skeletal injuries. From diagnosis and surgery to treatment and rehabilitation.

There are more than 200 different types of musculo-skeletal conditions, from common problems like back pain to more complicated conditions requiring surgery that can affect people of any age and cause chronic pain and disability.

 We have a specialist fracture clinic, nurse-led clinics, pre assessment clinics, and provide rehabilitation at home. In addition there is a comprehensive range of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and sports medicine services available.

We have 20 orthopaedic consultants and last year saw 44,000 follow-up patients and 13,726 new referrals.

We currently have 144 beds and 22 beds for day case surgery. 


Our services include:

  • orthopaedic surgery for minor procedures

  • complex knee, hip and spinal surgery

  • joint replacement

  • arthritis and injuries from accidents or sports

  • spinal injuries and spinal tumours

  • Comprehensive range of therapy, physiotherapy and dietetics

  • Foot surgery

  • Knee ligament reconstruction

  • Paediatric orthopaedics

  • Upper limb surgery (including shoulder and elbow replacement) 


Other Information

If attending for an outpatient appointment please bring with you a list of any medications you are taking.

For admission to the day case ward, please bring with you any medications, nightwear and a dressing gown.