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  The East-Midlands Bariatric & Metabolic Institute (EMBMI)

Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery team
Standing from right to left: Ashok Bohra, David Hughes, Iskandar Idris, Omar Eltayeb, Chris Gillespie,Sherif Awad, Rajeev Singh, Altaf Awan, Paul Leeder, Khaleel Fareed;
Sitting from right to left: Jane Watkins, Carol Green, Rita Mulvey-Goldsmith, Lindsay Parry, Jacqui Ransom, Kay Cresswell, Helen Bartle.
The Bariatric unit in Derby is well-established with over 10 years experience in providing bariatric services (elective and emergency) for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire patients. Previously, the Derby Bariatric Unit performed the highest number of laparoscopic gastric band insertions in the NHS (over 1500 gastric bands have been performed to date with around 750 patients presently being followed up in our specialist band clinics). A successful gastric bypass and sleeve program was established 7-years ago with excellent clinical outcomes. It is anticipated that around 200 - 300 primary and revisional bariatric cases will be performed annually. A full complement of bariatric procedures are offered in EMBMI including laparoscopic gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, insertion of gastric band and gastric balloons. The department practices in line with NICE and BOMSS guidelines for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.  

The EMBMI hosts a multi-disciplinary complement of five Consultant Bariatric Surgeons, a Bariatric Fellow, three Metabolic Physicians, three Clinical Nurse Specialists, five Specialist Bariatric Dieticians, and two Pathway Co-ordinators. A weekly bariatric MDT takes place to discuss all patients passing through the pathway. Enhanced Recovery protocol-based care is provided to all patients who are nursed on Ward 311 (which houses dedicated bariatric inpatient facilities). The EMBMI has also developed an in-house Tier 3 that meets RCP criteria and offers a medical weight management service to patients from Derby City and surrounding areas that lack a local Tier 3 service. EMBMI is also the Tier 4 provider and supports (hub and spoke) Tier 3 services based in Nottingham City, Nottingham County, Live Life Better Derbyshire and, in due course, Tier 3 services in Lincolnshire. 

Referrals should be by means of letter that includes the following information: Present & highest BMI, co-morbidities, medications, previous weight loss attempts and confirmation that the patient is a non-smoker. Referrals should be faxed (01332 787878) or emailed (dhft.bariatrics@nhs.net) to the Bariatric Co-ordinator. Please note that the previous Obesity Referral GP Proforma is no longer required. The current NHS England guidelines stipulate that all new referrals should have completed a Tier 3 weight management programme. 

The East-Midlands Bariatric & Metabolic Institute (EMBMI), 
Level 3, Royal Derby Hospital, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,  
Uttoxeter Road, Derby DE22 3NE. 
Tel: 01332 789432.  
Fax: 01332 787878 
Email: dhft.bariatrics@nhs.net

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The EMBMI will be hosting the UK’s first metabolic meeting at The Nottingham Belfry Hotel on Tuesday 26th April 2016.

This meeting will be aimed at GPs, commissioners and allied health professionals with an interest in obesity.

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