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Specialist Assessment & Rehabilitation Centre (SpARC), Level 2 (next to main entrance) London Road Community Hospital.


This is a clinic that is held within the specialist Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre, the aim of the centre is to assess and help you with the problems you have at the moment.  To enable you to keep as independent as possible.

People are referred to this service if they have had one or more falls in the last six months as well as other factors such as problems with continence, mobility, fear of falling again and confidence issues.  We accept referrals from health professionals who must seek the permission of the GP or consultant.

It is very common for falls to be for one reason or many reasons.  This service aims to assess why you are falling and/or are unsteady, to do this you will be assessed by a team of health professionals, please read on for a more detailed description.

You should be prepared to answer lots of questions and explain and discuss your problems or concerns.  You may be asked to demonstrate how you walk or get out of a chair etc.  You should expect to have a physical examination.

When attending for your first appointment it is usual to be expected to stay the whole day, lunch will be provided.  This may be split into two days if this is too long for you, please refer to your appointment letter for more details.  Your carer may attend with you on the first visit.


  • Consultant (Doctor)

  • Registered Nurse - who will help provide support about a wide range of health problems.

  • Physiotherapist - who will assess and plan a treatment programme to improve your balance and mobility.

  • Occupational therapist - who will assess and provide a treatment programme to enable you to maintain independence in everyday life.

  • Exercise groups.

  • Health education.

  • Anxiety Management Groups.

  • We also have a Continence clinic, Dietician and Speech & Language Therapist available for patients attending this unit should they be needed.

Other Information


  • If you can make your own way to the hospital, it would be greatly appreciated, but if you require transport this can be arranged for you, please specify if you can travel in a car.

  • We do telephone patients to offer an appoiontment prior to an offer letter being sent, please ensure the person referring you has up to date contact details.  Once you have received an appointment letter if you have not already confirmed then please do so.

  • Please bring an up to date record of any medications you are taking including those taken over the counter.  Bring the medications themselves or a repeat prescription list.  Any list must include the dosages and times of day you take them.

  • Wheelchairs and walking frames are available to use in the department, but please bring your own walking stick.

  • We do assess your eyes so please bring any glasses that you use.

  • The unit is open from 8.30am - 4.30pm.