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GP information

Referral and contact details for each of the respiratory services available are below: 

Adult Respiratory Team (community specialist respiratory nurses and physiotherapists)

You can contact Angela Delaney, Administrator, with any questions on (01332) 861189 option 1.

Referral can be made by completing the referral form and either faxing or posting it to the office (details are on the bottom right corner of the form). 

 Asthma Service

You can contact the Asthma Specialist Nurse, Sonia Greenwood, on (01332) 787221; or Jackie Gaskin, Administrator, on (01332) 785058 with any questions.

Referral can be made to the asthma service via the respiratory consultant. 

Clinical Measurement Department

Referrals for investigations can be sent by letter to the Clinical Measurement Department, Level 1, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Derby, DE22 3NE.

If you have any questions you can contact them on (01332) 785551. 


The respiratory consultants can all be contacted via their secretaries. Click here for details.

Referral to any of the Respiratory Consultants or specialist clinics can be made by letter. 

Home Oxygen Service

Referral can be made be completing the referral form and faxing it to (01332) 788348.

The team can be contacted on (01332) 787078 with any queries. 

TB Team

Referral can by made by letter and sent to: TB Nursing Team, TB Nurses Office, Medical OPD, Level 1, Royal Derby Hospital, Uttoxeter Road, Derby, DE22 3NE.

They can be contacted on (01332) 787995 or 787996.