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Rehabilitation medicine


Rehabilitation block, level 1, Royal Derby Hospital 
(best entrance - entrance 14)


We provide assessment and rehabilitation for patients with complex neurological disabilities, including: Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, acquired brain Injury (including stroke and traumatic brain injury), environmental controls, specialist seating and wheelchairs, muscular dystrophy, neurogenic respiratory failure, stroke, young adults with physical disabilities, lower limb amputation, progressive neurological disease and profound intellectual and multiple disabilities.

Outpatient services

  • Rehabilitation medicine outpatients.

  • Neurological therapy services (complex neurological disability, stroke and acquired brain injury).
  • Assessment for disabled drivers (driveability).

  • Environmental control and electric assistive technology assessment.

  • Gait and motion analysis.

  • Derby Head Injury service for patients with traumatic brain injury.

  • Neurological rehabilitation and review team (NRRT) for people with progressive neurological disease including multiple sclerosis (MS), muscle and nerve disease, Huntington's disease, motor neurone disease (MND), atazia which provides a nurse led clinic, joint occupational therapy input into clinics, home visits, community liaison and inreach

  • Young adults' team, a transition service for people aged 16-25 years, with physical disability providing physiotherapy, home visits and clinics

  • Joint orthopaedic clinic

  • Neuromuscular rehabilitation clinics for people with muscle disease, lower motor neurone conditions

  • Motor neurone disease clinic, jointly with palliative care

  • Huntington's disease clinic

  • Neurogenic respiratory failure clinic jointly with respiratory medicine and regional ventilation service

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME service (CFS team and clinics)

  • Complex needs clinic for people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities in conjunction with community learning disability teams

  • Amputee rehabilitation Service for people with lower limb amputations (amputee rehabilitation centre, London Road Community Hospital)

  • Rehabilitation Medicine clinics for people with head injury (traumatic brain injury)

  • People with other acquired brain injury, such as stroke, encephalitis, anoxic brain injury

  • People with spinal cord conditions

  • People with progressive neurological conditions not covered by specialist clinics, such as multiple sclerosis

  • People with other neurologically disabling conditions

  • People with other complex multiple disabilities

Inpatient services

  • Neurological rehabilitation on King's Lodge neurological rehabilitation unit.

  • Stroke rehabilitation unit

Other information

Clinics run from Monday to Friday