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Welcome to the Radiotherapy department at the Royal Derby Hospital

Superficial Radiotherapy

As well as photon treatment, we also provide superficial radiotherapy. Superficial treatment is used in order to treat cancers that do not require a dose of radiation prescribed to a great depth. Superficial radiotherapy is usually used to skin cancers. Treatment can be provided by our superficial unit using kilo-voltage (kV) energy or on the LINAC using electron energy.

A CT scan will not usually be required, however you will be seen by your Doctor who will assess the area and may apply some pen marks to your skin and take a photograph of the treatment set up with your consent. Treatment can usually be delivered the same day.

During your treatment, the machine will come quite close or may even touch your skin (in the case of the superficial unit). We may need to shield the surrounding area of treatment with a thin lead shield, in order to protect any healthy tissue from being treated.