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About Physiotherapy at London Road

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Physiotherapists at London Road Community Road (LRCH), work closely with GPs, orthopaedic consultants and rheumatology consultants. This means we are up-to-date with current practice and protocols and are able to easily liaise for information sharing when necessary. 

We specialise in the musculo-skeletal (MSK) field and are able to recognise many different pathologies which may cause pain and/or altered function. In the majority of cases we are able to help you independently manage your condition, however if we feel further investigation may be an option we can make steps to arrange this.

We have a brilliant skill mix of staff which includes specialist and consultant physiotherapists which means we can offer extended services such as steroid injection therapy.

We currently support members of staff completing their NIHR Fellowship which allows the most up to date evidence based practice resulting in the best care for patients.

Some of the physiotherapists based at LRCH will also visit some GP surgeries across the city. When you make your initial appointment an appointment may be offered at one of these surgeries if it is more convenient for you.