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Paediatric outpatient physiotherapy


Children’s Hospital, Royal Derby Hospital
(the nearest entrance is Entrance 18)


In this department we look after children presenting with musculo skeletal problems, neuro problems, breathing problems and those with complex physical needs.

The paediatric outpatient physiotherapy department at the Children’s Hospital is accessible by a referral from your GP or hospital consultant.

Children attend for an initial assessment where the physiotherapist will conduct a detailed interview and may ask the child to partially undress so that the area can be examined. We will then agree a treatment plan with you and your child and patients then usually attend for several sessions of therapy and are given some self treatment to do at home.

On completion of treatment we will write back to your doctor to inform them of the outcome and possibly suggest further treatment measures if necessary.


  • exercise therapy

  • manual therapy (hands on)

  • hydro pool therapy

  • electrotherapy (ultrasound / laser / pulsed waves / TENS)

  • gait re-education

  • gym classes

Other Information

We ask you to bring a list of your current medication, the dates of any out standing medical appointments and to bring shorts or a vest top if you have these available.

In order for treatment to be successful, it is essential that you attend regularly. Unless in exceptional circumstances, we expect you to give us at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. Repeated cancellations or non attendance will result in discharge back to the care of the referring medical practitioner.