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Most of our referrals are from orthopaedic consultants, A&E and GPs, however we will accept written referrals from consultants inside and outside of the Trust, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and staff referrals from occupational health. Our referrals are predominantly NHS; however we also accept private physiotherapy referrals. 

We work closely with orthopaedic consultants at Royal Derby Hospital and have strong links with orthopaedic clinic, A&E consultants, trauma and orthopaedic wards and other rehabilitation disciplines such as occupational therapy splints, orthotics and podiatry. We communicate verbally or in written format with the referrer, as appropriate, regarding patient progress, and maintain written records for all patients.

Occupational Therapy 

Please fill in the Referral Form to refer a patient to Occupational Therapy

Follow the link for Guidance on Occupational Therapy referrals

Occupational Therapists working within Group Rehabilitation accept referrals for staff that would benefit from functional/ vocational rehabilitation. The staff members may be off work due to their condition or may be struggling to complete normal hours and/or duties. Referrals can be accepted from managers, the back care team or occupational health.  

Our approach would require the member of staff to attend for rehabilitation sessions at least once per week. Should it be required, the Occupational Therapist can complete a work place assessment which would inform towards a successful return. Based on the member of staff’s assessed functional capacity, the therapist is able to advise on duties and hours as part of a phased return if needed.

The physiotherapy team at Group Rehabilitation accept referrals directly from NHS staff that are experiencing any lower limb musculoskeletal symptoms. Within two weeks of the referral being accepted the member of staff will be contacted and an appointment will be made for an initial assessment. 

As with any patient, the physiotherapist will determine the most appropriate course of action. In some cases, further investigation may also be required, in which case your physiotherapist can liaise directly with your GP

Should the injury/condition be affecting your ability to carry out work related tasks, your physiotherapist may discuss a referral to Occupational Therapy. The multidisciplinary team will work collaboratively with the aim of returning you to full duties.

If you are a patient and would like to self- refer please complete the referral form and send to:

Group Rehabilitation

Level 3

London Road Community Hospital

London Road

Derby DE1 2QY

 01332 258147

 Alternatively email: dhft.grouprehabilitation@nhs.net