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Group Times & Information

Following an initial assessment, the  therapist will allocate the patient to the group most appropriate for their condition and personal circumstances. Once a group time has been agreed upon, the patient will then attend at that time on a weekly basis. Should for any reason the group time no longer be appropriate the patient should speak to a member of the therapy team. 

Though patients are asked to attend a specific group, every patient will have their own treatment programme to work through independently. Therapy staff are on hand at all times to support patients through their treatment programme and progress will be reviewed regularly by an Occupational Therapist. 

The number of times a patient attends per week and the duration of their treatment will be subject to the therapist’s clinical reasoning. The patient will be discharged at the point where:

  • The patient is able to continue to progress independently 
  • Group attendance is no longer the most appropriate intervention


The links below offer information relating to each group. The group times shown below can be flexible but only under special circumstances. The information below will also be given to the patient on their initial assessment.

Ankles Group: Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy led

The ankles group is a treatment group for patients with ankle/foot injuries and conditions

  • Please note that patients will be encouraged to stay until 11:00 As opposed to 10:30 on the information sheet


Early’s Group: Physiotherapy led with Occupational Therapy input

The early’s group is a treatment group for patients with a knee injury or following surgery. Follow the link for further information on the rehabilitation of a knee ligament reconstruction

Individuals Group: Occupational Therapy led

The individuals group is a treatment group for people with a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. For those attending the individuals group, a group time will be discussed on their initial assessment.

Osteoarthritis of the knee: Education Group 

For more details on the Education group please follow the link.

Shoulders Group: Occupational Therapy led

The shoulders group is a treatment group for patients with an upper limb condition or injury.

Total Knees Group: Occupational Therapy led with Physiotherapy input

The total knees/elderly trauma group is a treatment group for patients who have had total knee replacements, unicompartmental knee replacements or manipulation following previous knee replacement. Patients over 55 who have had an injury to their knee or ankle may also attend the group at this time

Work Hardening Group: Occupational Therapy led

The work hardening group aims to enable individuals to return to work safely following injury or illness