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Within the department are excellent facilities which are fully utilised throughout the day for patient treatment. 

Therapy Gym

  • Specialist equipment 
  • Exercise machinery 
  • Therapy supervision at all times 
  • A full and comprehensive induction for all patients 
  • Daily physiotherapy led classes for the rehabilitation of ligament reconstructions (Rehabilitation programmes) 
  • individualised treatment programme of exercises 
  • During treatment sessions, the gym is used by patients only
  • 'Next Step Gym’ twice per week where patients are welcome to use the facilities after discharge
  • Patient changing rooms and showers
  • Regular reviews with a Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist to assess functional progress and the programme of exercises 


Following the assessment the therapist will invite the patient to attend, and will agree on specific group times. Though we can be flexible, some groups( Group Information) are for patients with specific needs.

How is the gym equipment used?

  • Encourage movement patterns which are effective and functionally relevant 
  • Graded introduction to increased physical activity 
  • Allow patients to better understand their physical capacity and transfer this to day to day function
  • Improve general strength and conditioning
  • Improve gait 
  • Improve balance and proprioception
  • Simulate work related tasks 
  • Improve confidence and dispel preconceived misconceptions regarding exercise and pain


Group Interaction

Though patients are provided with an individualised programme of exercise, the group format facilitates interaction between patients which often provides comfort and reassurance.

For many patients the commitment to regular group attendance provides structure, routine and social interaction which is often missing during a period of reduced function.