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About the Department

The departments formerly known as Physiotherapy Gym and Occupational Therapy Heavy Workshop are now collectively known as ‘Group Rehabilitation.’

The department comprises of:

  • an open space for Physio lead classes
  • an area containing a wide range of gym and rehabilitation equipment primarily used by the Occupational Therapists
  • a collection of cubicles used for one to one Physio assessments and treatment sessions.



Junction 3, level 3 at London Road Community Hospital (next to physiotherapy out patients)

Service Description

Collectively we aim to provide a high quality service to assess, diagnose and plan treatment for a range of lower limb conditions.  Our primary focus is to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation programme that addresses the specific individual needs of our patients and to restore optimal functional ability following traumatic injury, surgery or degenerative lower limb conditions. 

The service is flexible to allow patients to transfer between rehabilitation groups as determined by their progress, or allow for more individual treatment if additional support is required.

We offer a range of treatments including:

  •  individual one-to-one treatment
  • open exercise sessions where patients can attend for a tailored  exercise programme using our equipment and resources                           
  • condition-specific rehabilitation classes.


Although a large proportion of our treatment is exercise based staff can also carry out:

  • electrotherapy
  • manual therapy
  • gait re-education
  • massage
  • fabrication of splints
  • assessments in the patients own home, local community and/or  workplace.


Upper limb and non-musculoskeletal patients may be seen also be seen by our Occupational Therapists if their physical difficulties are limiting their ability to work and/or carry out everyday activities.

We try to work closely with Orthopaedic Consultants at The Royal Derby Hospital, and have links with Orthopaedic Clinic, A&E staff, Trauma and Orthopaedic Wards, the Trust’s Occupational Health Service and other rehabilitation disciplines such as Occupational Therapy Splints, Neurology Out Patients Therapy, Head Injury Team, Orthotics and Podiatry.

Choose and Book?

Currently for lower limb physiotherapy only 


Most of our referrals are from Orthopaedic Consultants, A&E and GP’s, however we will accept written referrals from any Consultant inside and outside of the Trust, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Staff Referrals.   Our referrals are predominantly NHS, however we also accept Private Referrals.

Occupational Therapy Referral

Referral Process

Written referrals should be sent to:

Group Rehabilitation, Level 3, London Road Community Hospital

To make enquiries please call: 01332 258147 or extension 58147