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Level 2, head and neck outpatients, Kings Treatment Centre, Royal Derby Hospital
(best entrance - KTC entrance 6)


  • All forms of facial trauma, soft tissue and bony injury:
  • Dento-alveolar surgery and oral soft tissue surgery:
  • Facial deformity surgery which is undertaken on  a multidisciplinary team basis:
  • Major head and neck malignancy surgery:
  • Minor Oral Surgery:
  • Oral osseointegrated implantology (bone anchorage of oral prosthesis):


Orthodontic treatment:

Consultations are offered on referral by a dentist to patients with complex orthodontic problems. If the patient’s problem is very complex and they require prolonged treatment with other types of treatment such as surgery or restorative treatment then the patient may be offered treatment in the hospital. If the treatment required can be provided by a specialist outside the hospital, or a dentist with a special interest in orthodontics then the patient will be referred elsewhere.

Orthodontic treatment is not appropriate for patients unless they have excellent oral hygiene and healthy teeth and gums.

Orthognathic surgery for correction of skeletal, facial and dental deformity:

Patients who have a big discrepancy between the position of their upper and lower jaw so they have a very poor bite and often a poor appearance require a combination of “orthognathic” surgery, which will realign the jaws, and orthodontic treatment ,which will realign the teeth. It is not advisable to have orthognathic surgery without orthodontic treatment.

This surgery is only recommended for patients with a severe problem.

Treatment usually takes 3 years but before the treatment commences there is a thorough assessment of the patient and a “cooling off” period so that patients have ample time to consider whether they wish to undertake this extensive elective procedure.

A DVD describing this treatment can be obtained from the British Orthodontic Society www.bos.org.uk

Salivary gland surgery for both benign and malignant disease: