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Familial cancer service


Familial cancer service, level 3, main hospital, located between wards 302 and 303. 
(best entrance - 24)


The familial cancer service offers risk assessment, support and where appropriate screening to those who would like more information about, or think they may have, an increased risk of developing the commonest inherited cancers such as breast/ovary, and colorectal.


All patients are offered an in-depth interview where a detailed family history is obtained. Once verified an individual risk assessment can be made. Depending on level of risk and age, the patients may be offered appropriate surveillance in accordance with trust and/or national guidelines. This may involve early mammography, breast MRI, colonoscopy, gastroscopy etc.

Those individuals assessed as very high risk are referred to colleagues at Regional Genetics. This may lead to definitive genetic testing. We can then offer appropriate strategies to those identified to be at increased genetic risk (surveillance, risk reducing surgery, etc). 

Referrals are accepted via GPs, Choose & Book, CAS or hospital clinicians.

Other information

The familial cancer service is staffed by familial cancer specialists who are part of a larger multi-disciplinary team, including breast surgeons, radiologists, colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists, gynaecologists, psychologists, plastic surgeons, genetics and specialist nurses.

Any questions or queries regarding the service please call 01332 785771.