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Moulded Corsets and Jackets

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Neofract corset (front view)

  Neofract Corsets

• To immobilise the lumbar spine (lower back) when not lying down

Reason for fitting
• Following spinal surgery (usually a fusion)
• Stable lumbar fractures (breaks of the lower back)
• Tumours / metastasis / cancers in the lumbar / sacral (lower spinal) region

Neofract Jackets

Also referred to over the shoulder jacket or TLSO.

• To immobilise the thoraco - lumbar spine

Reason for fitting
• Stable thoracic (mid spine) or L1/2 (lower back) fractures
• Spinal tumours / metastasis / abscess in this region
• After spinal surgery above L1/2 (lower back region)

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Neofract Jacket