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Femoral Leg Brace

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Femoral Brace

Also referred to as a functional knee brace, hinged knee brace, fracture brace, cast brace or OT moulded knee brace.

• Allows knee to be kept extended (straight) or to flex (bend) within a chosen range. This can be changed throughout treatment
• It controls varus / valgus (‘bow legs / knock knees') forces and offers medial and lateral support (inside and outside of the knee)
• It provides anti rotational support (limits twisting at the knee)
• Offers anterior (front) and posterior (back) support for Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Posterior Cruciate Ligament injuries / repairs
• To manipulate and maintain the leg in a preferred position

Reason for fitting
• Proximal tibial fractures (below the knee) and ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation) surgery
• Distal femoral fractures (above the knee) + - ORIF
• Patella (knee cap) fractures + - ORIF
• Soft tissue injuries and repairs e.g. ligaments / tendons

• Femoral / tibial osteotomy (altering the bone alignment at the knee

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Femoral Brace