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Common Problems and Trouble Shooting

 Pressure areas

Is the splint digging in, rubbing or causing red marks on the skin? It is important this is identified early on to prevent the development of pressure sores. 

Is the splint in the correct position?
Does the splint still fit the patient?
Is the splint too tight / loose?
Has swelling or muscle bulk changed?
Has size of dressings changed? 
Skin irritation / sweat rash.
Is a double layer of stockinette or thin layer of clothing underneath the brace?
Is the skin underneath the brace being washed regularly (approx once a week) and the stockinette changed?
Splint keeps slipping
Is the splint too loose / big?
Has swelling changed?
Has dressing size changed?
Is the patient wearing a shoe if applicable?
Are fastenings done up securely?

Swelling above and below splint
Is the splint too tight?
Does patient need review by the Splint Workshop?
Is a pressure garment required eg tubigrip or lycra glove?
Does the patient need advice to elevate the affected limb?