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Neurology outpatient therapy service



Junction 3, London Road Community Hospital (The nearest entrance is the main entrance)


The neurology outpatient therapy service provides physiotherapy and occupational therapy advice, assessment and treatment for adult neurological patients. We aim to treat all our patients within 18 weeks of receipt of referral to the department.

  • We provide a specialist neurological physiotherapy and occupational therapy service to patients (and their family/carers) living in the community who have a neurological condition and require intervention, to maximise their independence and function.

  • We provide treatment in the hospital/department and occasionally we will treat patients in their home, work, community or place relevant to their goal.

  • We are a resource of information and support for patient carers and professionals working with patients with neurological conditions. 

The staff deliver high quality specialised confidential care, and our main objective is that patients are treated with respect and dignity.

We work alongside our multidisciplinary team members and liaise with health professionals in the community

 We treat the following conditions:

  •  Stroke

  • Acquired brain injuries

  • Guillain Barré

  • Transverse myelitis

  • Spinal cord injury

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Removal or partial removal of tumour (of neurological origin or having neurological impact)

  • Neuropathies

The physiotherapists also treat

  • Inclusion body myositis

  • Ataxias

  • Polyneurophathies

  • Muscular dystrophy

  • Motor neurone disease

  • Multi-systems atrophy

  • Multiple sclerosis


We do this by:

  • Completing a detailed assessment

  • Goal setting working with you to decide your main priorities

  • Treatment planning deciding what the best method of achieving your goals would be

  • Treatment intervention selecting and implementing the most appropriate treatment options for you

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your treatment

  • Modifying treatment programmes we will adapt your treatment programme as your needs change

  • Health promotion for example, working in conjunction with community leisure services to devise personal exercise/gym programmes

  • Self Management enabling confidence to manage your condition in everyday living

  • Discharge planning when you have finished your therapy, we will provide advice/exercises designed to help maintain or improve your skills

  • Further treatment your GP, consultant or healthcare professional may refer you back into the service for further therapy



Neurological therapy
We can provide

Movement re-education

Vocational rehabilitation - return to work strategies

Gait training (parallel bars available)

Assessment of walking aids and equipment for daily living

Cognitive therapy

Memory strategies

Re-training and advice about performing every day tasks

Muscle strengthening

Advice about managing muscle tone

Positioning/posture advice

Exercise programmes

Fatigue management


Work place visits

Home visit

Gym visits

Balance training

Stair training

Transfer training e.g. getting on/off bed, out/into bath or car

Floor training

Standing frame treatment

Assessment prior to hydrotherapy

Carer education

Transelectrical nerve stimulation


Road safety

Community reintegration

Collaboration with orthotics services to ensure correct splints


Group programmes

  • Group exercise

  • Memory strategies group
  • Fatigue management group

  • Work skills group
  • Therapeutic gardening group

  • Upper limb therapy group
  • Food preparation group

  • Stroke self management group


Other Information

We give you the choice of having an initial phone interview or coming into the department.

We would request that you wear loose fitting comfortable clothes allowing freedom of movement

Tel: 01332 258255