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Intermediate care

Includes Single Point of Access for the City & Rapid Response 


We support people either in their own home or the intermediate care unit in Perth House residential home in Chaddesden. 


Our Single Point of Access is available for GPs and health professionals for frail elderly patient and adult (over 18 years) community service referrals. We co-ordinate access to community assessments and packages of care within two hours if necessary through one contact point to multi-disciplinary health services including mental health and social care services. 

Our Rapid Response Team consists of nurses, clinical support workers, therapists and administration staff and aims to prevent avoidable hospital and care home admissions, maintaining as much of a person’s independence as possible. We work with patients in a crisis through illness, injury, rehabilitation, deterioration of condition, end of life care or where there is a carer crisis. 


Our aim is to prevent admissions to hospital for patients who have a deteriorating condition that can be treated effectively in the community or care home by rehabilitating patients or by maximising their independence. 

  • Rapid response home assessment (within 2 hours) 
  • Rehabilitation home assessment (within 72 hours) 
  • Rapid assessment/falls clinic (within 48 hours) 
  • Holistic multidisciplinary assessment of patients 
  • Time-limited individual rehabilitation programmes 
  • Ongoing assessment, planning, treatment, evaluation and timely reviews of programmes 
  • Short term intensive packages with rapid access to specialist services 
  • Maintain a falls register 


Other Information 

To contact the Single Point of Access please call 01332 258258