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Integrated medicine physiotherapy


Wards 402, 403, 407,408, 304, 305. Office based on level 4 off ward 406

About our services

Therapists will provide a specialist physiotherapy service to patients on all integrated medicine wards. This includes specialities in respiratory medicine, cardiology, renal and gastroenterology.

Therapists will provide you with support and advice to help you return to your previous level of mobility if appropriate. Realistic treatment goals will be set together with you and your family if appropriate, in order to facilitate a safe discharge to either your home, an alternative residence or for further rehabilitation. These issues are discussed with you and your family during your stay on the ward.

Our aim is to discharge patients from medicine in a safe and timely manner, providing appropriate equipment and ongoing therapy as required. Therapists have close links with community services to ensure patients receive the appropriate on-going Physiotherapy they require on discharge from the ward. There are close links between the acute wards and the adult respiratory team (ART) in the community, which helps provide a seamless transition for respiratory patients.

Services Provided

  • Specialist assessment and treatment- Links with Neuro-Outreach, ITU and oncology/palliative care.
  • Specialist assessment and treatment of respiratory patients.
  • Multidisciplinary team approach.
  • Close links with community services including ART.
  • Referral to peripheral hospitals for rehabilitation.
  • Referral to specialist clinics/services including Stroke Team, Neuro-Outreach, Smoking cessation advice, Splints, Orthotics, Kings Lodge.

Other Information

Therapy staff are typically available between the hours of 08:15-16:30 Monday to Friday.

An Oncall Respiratory service is provided 24hrs a day

Each ward has named therapists. If there are any specific needs or issues that need to be discussed please contact the appropriate therapists directly.

It would be very useful if you and your family could bring in supportive footwear/slippers for the duration of your stay.