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 What is the Main X-ray department?

 We have four departments where we  undertake conventional x-ray examinations   (plain  films).  These are:

  • Main X-ray department, Royal Derby Hospital & Emergency (ED)  x-ray
  • Kings Treatment Centre x-ray
  • London Road Community Hospital x-ray 5
  • Children's x-ray


Each x-ray department has a specialist function.

In the Main x-ray department we undertake plain film x-rays of various parts of the body ie arms, legs, chest, hips, spine, head.   We x-ray patients that are referred from GPs with suspected fractures, referrals from out-patient clinics and in-patients.  The department is made up of five x-ray rooms. The x-rays are taken using a digital system and processed.  The images are available on a computer to be reviewed by the doctor.

X-ray 5 at the London Road Community Hospital (formerly the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary) , we have two x-rays rooms where we undertake plain film x-rays requested by  from GPs, out-patients including new entrant immigrants, in-patients and day hospital patients.

We also undertake plain film x-rays in Emergency department  (ED)  x-ray and Kings Treatment Centre.

The service is provided by highly trained radiographers and assistant practitioners who will ensure you receive an appropriate and effective examination to produce diagnostic images. This is sometimes painful if we are x-raying an area of the body that you have injured, but the radiographers will aim to make you as comfortable as possible.  You will need to undertake the instructions provided to you during the examination and you may be asked to stand, sit or lie down for your x-ray .

 Finding us

Royal Derby Hospital   -   we are in the   Main x-ray department  on level 1 which is signposted from the main hospital entrance.   Please report to Reception 1.  The nearest Car Parks are 1 and 8 at the front of the hospital.

London Road Community Hospital –  X-ray 5 can be accessed  via the main entrance and  is located off junction 2 of the main hospital corridor.  The closest car parks are Yellow and Purple.

 Opening hours

 We are open Monday to Friday   08.30 – 17.00 hours

 Who can request a x-ray?

 Consultants and other medical staff, GPs and approved non-medical referrers eg specialist nurses.

 When do I get my results?

Your referring clinician should tell you how and when you will get your results.  However, if you are unsure please ask the person performing your examination.