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Ultrasound Examination

What is an ultrasound scan?

An ultrasound examination is undertaken by an ultrasonographer and  obtains images of the body without the use of x-rays.  It uses high frequency sound waves which pass through the skin and are reflected by the body’s internal organs.   These ‘echoes’ are converted  with the aid of a computer, into a picture onto a  screen.  

The examination involves ultrasound gel being spread over the area of interest and an ultrasound probe is then lightly pressed on the area.   Depending on the type of scan you are having, these can take between 10 minutes  up to 40 minutes.   Some scans require preparation which could include having a special diet, having nothing to eat or drink or attending with a full bladder.

Where  can you  have an ultrasound scan?

The majority of scans are performed in the Ultrasound department at the Royal Derby Hospital.  However, specialist scans are performed in other locations within the hospital including Kings Treatment Centre, Obstetric ultrasound (Antenatal scan), Gynae scan  and Childrens x-ray.

 Finding us

We are situated in the   Main x-ray department of   the Royal Derby Hospital. This is on level 1 and is signposted from the main hospital entrance.   Please report to Reception 3.  The nearest car parks are 1 and 8 at the front of the hospital.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday between 08.30 – 17.00 hours

Contact number: 01332 788580

Who can request an utrasound examination?

We accept referrals from consultants and other medical staff, GPs and approved non-medical referrers eg specialist nurses.

When do  I get my results?

Your referring clinician should tell you how and when you will get your results.  However, if you are unsure please ask the person performing your examination.