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Fluoroscopy department

What  is Fluoroscopy?

Fluoroscopy is a radiological technique which gives a ‘real-time’ video images on television monitors. It is useful for seeing dynamic bodily functions, such as the swallowing action. We use a range of dyes which can be drunk or introduced through a variety of catheters depending on the part of the body being examined.


The equipment is large, but is a ‘gentle giant’.   It can move all around you and you will be asked to either stand or lie on the equipment whilst the examination is performed.  It is difficult to say how long your test will take, as we examine  many different parts of the body and we are often controlled by the speed of your body. A rough guide to the length of the examination  will be provided in your appointment letter. 


 You may need to take special preparation prior to the examination and we may ask you to follow other instructions after the test.


 Finding us


 We are situated in the   Main x-ray department of   the Royal Derby Hospital. This is on level 1 and is signposted from the main hospital entrance.   Please report to Reception 3.  The nearest Car Parks are 1 and 8 at the front of the hospital.


 Opening hours


 Monday to Friday   08.30  - 17.00 hours.


 Who can request a fluoroscopy examination?


 These can be requested by either a Consultant or GP.


 When do I get my results?


Your referring clinician should tell you how and when you will get your results.  However, if you are unsure please ask the person performing your examination.