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CT scan department (computerised tomography)


X-ray, Royal Derby Hospital
(best entrances - main entrance, 9)

What is a CT scan?

Computerised Tomography (or shortened to CT) is a process which involves using a  x-ray machine and a computer to produce detailed images (pictures) of ‘sections’ of   your body.  The   test is painless and will help your doctor to diagnose your condition.

 We perform a number of scans which may involve special preparation. This could involve drinking special fluids or water, may require you to stop taking certain medications or involve having an injection. CT scans  generally  take from between 5 and  20 minutes  although we may request you to be  in the department for a longer period to ensure that you are correctly prepared or to  monitor you following the scan.

 A CT scan will involve lying still on a scan table which moves through a scanner. The radiographer will be in a separate room,  but will be able to see you and provide you with instructions through a  two- way microphone.  Once your scan has been completed you will be able to resume your normal activities.

Where can you have a CT scan?

We have two  CT scanners both in the Main X-ray Department at the Royal Derby Hospital.

We  also have a CT scanner in   X-ray 5  at the London Road Community (formerly the  DRI).  Each CT scanner is specialised and we only undertake certain   types of  scans at the London Road Community Hospital.

Finding us

Royal Derby Hospital   -   we are in the   Main X-ray Department  on level 1 which is signposted from the Main Hospital Entrance.   Please report to Reception 2.  The nearest Car Parks are 1 and 8 at the front of the hospital.

London Road Community Hospital  – The CT/MRI Department is in X-ray 5.   Access is via the Main Entrance and  is located off junction 2 of the main hospital corridor.  The closest car parks are Yellow and Purple.

Opening hours

Royal Derby Hospital   - 08.00 to 20.00 hours, 7 days a week for out-patient examinations. We also offer a 24 hour service for  in-patients and emergency referrals.

London Road Community Hospital   -  Monday to Friday 09.00 – 16.30 hours.

Who can request a CT scan?

CT scans can be requested by specialist Consultants.

When do I get my results?

Your referring clinician should tell you how and when you will get your results.  However, if you are unsure please ask the person performing your examination.