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Childrens  X-ray


What  is the Childrens x-ray department?

 The Childrens X-ray department is specialist department where  x-ray images  and ultrasound scans are performed on children under the age of 16.  X-rays are taken digitally (similar to a photograph) and are stored on our computerised system.  These allow us to see the bones and other parts in order for us to diagnose their condition.

Children are required to remain  still and they do not feel anything whilst the x-ray is taken.   Parents are invited to come into the X-ray room to hold or comfort their child whilst the examination is being undertaken.

We also undertake ultrasound examinations on children.  This involves taking pictures of inside the body using sound waves.    The examination involves ultrasound gel being spread over the area of interest and an ultrasound probe is then lightly pressed on the area.   Depending on the type of scan you are having, these can take between 10 minutes  up to 40 minutes.   Some scans require preparation which could include having a special diet, having nothing to eat or drink or attending with a full bladder.

Waiting area

 We have lots of books, toys, and a play station in the department and children enjoy playing whilst the Radiographer is getting ready to x-ray them. A Radiologist is the doctor that interprets the pictures  and reports on the examinations.

 Finding us

You need to come to the Children’s Hospital entrance  (entrance 18) on level 1  and then follow the  ‘Zebra’  x-ray signs.  You need to follow the signs for  ‘The Children’s Hospital’ if you enter from any other entrance.  The closest car parks are 4 and 6.

Opening hours

We are open Monday to Friday 08.30  - 17.00 hours.

Who can request  x-rays and ultrasounds on children?

 Referrals are made from Consultants and GPs.

 When do I get my results?

Your referring clinician should tell you how and when you will get your results.  However, if you are unsure please ask the person performing your examination.