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Holiday Dialysis / Dialysis Caravans (North Devon & North Wales

There are 2 dialysis caravans, one in Wales and one in Devon, which are available for home dialysis patients to use for holiday dialysis. If you wish to use any of these facilities, it is available to you to use as often as you want. You will just need to ensure you do the following before you go;

Book your dates with the dialysis unit – either Carol Rhodes or one of the HHD team.

Take your usual equipment with you i.e. dialyser, lines, and needles.

Ensure you have done a recent hepatitis screen and take a copy of your blood results with you.

Ask the unit for, and take a copy of your recent clinic letter with you.

Plan your own travel and accommodation for your stay.

We are hoping to staff the caravan 2 -3 weeks of each year, so that unit based patients are able to use the facility (ask on the dialysis unit when these dates are planned) It will therefore be unavailable for home patients during these times.



Derby dialysis caravan

Caravan booked for unit patients this year:

Devon - Week beginning 18th May 2015

Wales - Week beginning 14th September 2015