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Machines And Installations

Renal Slider 7
We have 22  Integra's at home & the install and the machine look like the one on the picture to your right.

Please click HERE to view our troubleshooting guide for this machine.


A QA is a measurement of a blood flow rate which is used to monitor dialysis access.  A monthly QA is essential as reduced or falling results can indicate access problems & early detection & action can prevent your fistula from failing.

Before commencing dialysis ensure that the diascan is activated (Enter through Tooth brush button, then monitoring, ensure diascan is set to ON) 

Ensure dry weight and urea volume % is programmed into machine and that the monitoring is set to 30mins (This percentage will be given to you by your named nurse, to set press Tooth brush key, go to Monitoring, press Set and add in % volume and make sure time is set to 30mins) 

Line machine adding in Qa lines 

Place blue clamps on the middle of the cross over section, and begin to prime 

During priming open and close middle clamps to ensure there is no air in the cross over section 

Connect as normal,  

Set blood flow at 250mls and press dialysis once flows have been achieved. 

Once on dialysis, have the diascan screen showing (enter by pressing Tooth brush and Monitoring)  

The first reading will be taken within the first 15-20 mins of dialysis, the diascan symbol will flash when the reading is being taken (Alarms during this time can cause test to fail) 

This reading will show as a dot on the diascan graph 

Make note of the reading and 20 mins after the first measurement turn the  

  - Blood flow down to 100mls,  

  - Change over the blue clamps from the middle crossover section to the outside section of the lines 

  - Make a note of the 1st and 2rd IDY reading and ensure these are given to your named nurse either in person or by telephone 

These two figures are added into the computer and give a overall reading that shows fistula effectiveness 

After 2nd reading continue treatment as normal, turn up blood speed to your usual  

This procedure should be completed on a monthly basis 

Nxstage System one

The Nxstage system one machine is a simple and easy to use machine.

When installing the machine at home it needs to go in a room near a bathroom for water into the machine and drainage.

We will arrange with you when our senior sister and also the plumber can come out and asses with you where is suitable for the machine.

The plumber will then arrange with you when he will install the machine.

Training will take approximately two weeks, whilst training the machine will be installed at your home so it is ready for you to use on week three with our support for the next week. If further support is needed we will continue to support you.

The plumbing is a simple water in and drain out.

(Pic 1),the water coming in from the toilet 

(Pic 2), the Supplies are minimal (there is about a month's worth of stock on 

(Pic 3)  finally the machine plumbed in and ready to use.