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Welcome to the Home haemodialysis webpage which we hope will contribute to the support you need whilst at home. In Derby we have 34 patients receiving dialysis at home, 25 on our conventional Integra dialysis machines and 9 on the nxstage machine. We cover most areas of Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.   
Why do home dialysis? 

Home dialysis gives you the freedom to do dialysis when you want to. It offers you the chance to dialyse more frequent and feel better as you remove the two day break. You have more freedom with your diet and fluid and in some cases a reduction in medications.    

Who can do Home dialysis ? 

Anyone who is stable on treatment can do home dialysis, as long as you have space for the dialysis machine and the machine can be close to water and drainage. In some cases having a carer or helper to support you is useful but not necessary.    

Home Haemodialysis - advantages 

Home dialysis has proved to improve better blood pressure management which means less need for blood pressure medications, avoidance of intradialytic hypotension  (I.e. low blood pressure during dialysis), more energy and a less  'wash-out' feeling after treatment. It shows decreased prevalence of sleep apnea or improvement in severe cases of sleep apnea & are less dietary & fluid restrictions.  You have more control over the dialysis treatment schedule which enables dialysis to fit around you, your family & work.   

Patient Criteria 

At Derby, we believe that everyone should have the chance to try home dialysis as long as you have space at home for the equipment, are willing to learn to insert your own needles and learn the dialysis machine, you can do the treatment at home or have a carer to assist you.    

Renal PatientView 

Our unit promotes Renal PatientView which provides individualised online information for renal patients, information such as: 

  • Latest test results
  • Information about your kidney condition & treatment
  • Letters from the renal unit
  • Renal diets
  • Check your transplant list status
  • Information about kidney disease

Click on the link below for more information