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Insulin pump clinic


Medical specialities, level 1, Royal Derby Hospital 
(best entrance - 12)


What do we do?   

We treat adults with diabetes who are thinking about or are currently using an insulin pump (continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion – CSII).

We provide information for patients who are considering insulin pump therapy. They can then visit the clinic and meet patients who are currently on pumps and talk about the pros and cons of being on a pump.


We offer three different insulin pumps (medtronic, roche and animas) and start patients on a trial pump for two to three months before giving them their own pump. In this way patients can try the pump before making a final decision.

We continue to follow patients up in our multi-disciplinary pump clinic where they will see the consultant, nurse or dietician depending on their needs at that time.

Three times a year all our pump patients are invited to a group education session, often run by one of the patients. This provides an excellent opportunity for patients to discuss different aspects of living with an insulin pump.

We have over 120 patients on insulin pumps and regular auditing of our service has shown significant improvement in their blood glucose control as well as their quality of life. 

Other Information

Who are we?

  • Dr Rustam Rea (Consultant)
  • Jane Hannah (diabetes specialist nurse)
  • Siobhan Ashton-Cleary (diabetes specialist dietician)

We have close links with each of the main insulin pump companies – medtronic, roche and animas.