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Diabetes foot clinic


Level 1, medical specialities, outpatient department, Royal Derby Hospital (best entrance - 12)


Diabetic foot problems are among the most serious and costly complications of diabetes.

Several risk factors increase the chances of a person with diabetes developing foot problems and diabetic infections in the feet.

The diabetes foot clinic specialises in the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and other foot complications.

In this multidisciplinary clinic, professionals of many specialties including doctors, nurses, podiatrists and therapists work with the patient and their doctor in developing a treatment plan for the foot ulcer or problem. Treatment plans may include surgical debridement of the wound (this is where contaminated matter is removed from the wound to prevent infections), improvement of circulation through surgery or therapy, dressings, and antibiotics.


There are three diabetes foot clinics every week. Two of them led by podiatrists on Monday and Friday. The Wednesday foot clinic is an MDT (multidisciplinary) clinic with involvement of different skills:

  • Two consultant diabetologists
  • Two vascular surgeons
  • Two diabetes specialist nurses (J. Eisenberg and J Hannah)
  • Four podiatrists led by chief podiatrist Doreen Bunting
  • Two photographers on alternate weeks
  • One orthotist
  • One health care assistant


We also liaise closely with the tissue viability team and occupational therapy department.

Other Information

The majority of patients are referred to our service through the community podiatry clinics and GP surgeries. Some of them are referred by our diabetes team or other hospital specialties.

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