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Dermatology (skin)


Junction 1, London Road Community Hospital
(best entrance - main entrance)


The dermatology department is part of a specialist skin cancer multidisciplinary team which sees around 26,000 patients a year with a wide variety of skin conditions, including skin cancers.  These cancers can be managed with treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatment) and photodynamic therapy (a specialised light therapy treatment).

The central outpatient department is at London Road Community hospital, but the dermatology team also see patients in four community hospitals (Ilkeston, Heanor, Ripley and Ashbourne), in the Children’s Hospital and on the wards at the Royal Derby Hospital.

Patients can be referred to the department by their GP. We offer a wide range of services that can cure short-term skin conditions, or help patients manage the more long-term skin conditions with a variety of nurse-led treatment clinics.

Over the years, the dermatology department has expanded and we now have more staff, see a larger number of patients and offer a greater range of treatments. We also teach medical students from the Derby and Nottingham Medical Schools. Our aim is to provide a high quality patient-centred service in a dedicated outpatient clinic setting.

We are committed to continually developing our service and providing the most up-to-date patient-focussed care, and have regular audits of the services that we offer.


General services:

  • General clinics for diagnosis and management of rashes and lumps and bumps
  • Skin surgery, including biopsies of rashes and lumps, and removal of skin cancers
  • Nurse-led clinics for management of chronic skin conditions
  • Day case treatments for application of skin or scalp treatments
  • Light therapy for skin conditions such as psoriasis
  • Leg ulcer dressings clinics

Skin cancer management:

  • Clinics for diagnosis of skin cancer
  • Complex surgery, including skin flaps and skin grafts
  • Counselling and support for skin cancer patients
  • Photodynamic therapy (a specialised light therapy treatment) for skin cancers and pre-cancers
  • Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen treatment) clinics
  • Skin check clinics for transplant recipients

Specialist services:

  • Iontophoresis treatments for sweating of hands and feet
  • Botulinum toxin injections for sweating in the armpits
  • Nurse-led pregnancy prevention clinics for female patients on isotretinoin for acne
  • Biological therapy for psoriasis

Specialist services, involving other departments:

  • Skin cancer multi-disciplinary team meeting with plastic surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and specialist nurses for management of difficult skin cancers
  • Patch test clinic for diagnosis of contact dermatitis
  • Combined clinic with gynaecology department for vulval disorders
  • Combined clinic with rheumatology department for patients with joint problems
  • Combined clinics with Burton dermatologists (held in Derby), and with Nottingham dermatologists (held in Nottingham) for patients with complex skin conditions

Ward based services:

  • Patients who are unwell with their skin problem are admitted onto the medical wards at the Royal Derby Hospital

Other Information

It is useful to bring a list of your current medications to your dermatology appointment.

If your skin condition is one which comes and goes, it is helpful if you bring photographs of the rash to clinic.