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What We Do

Your Assessment appointment

Your Consultant appointment

Your Screening appointment

Your Digital Surveillance appointment

If you have been diagnosed by your GP as having Diabetes they will inform the Screening Programme of this and we will send a letter to your house inviting you to make an appointment for screening.

This can be done in one of two ways, either by calling the telephone booking line on 01332 254977, or by going online and using the short code and your date of birth to enter the booking page. 

Using either of these methods you can book an appointment at many convenient sites in the community across the region at various time and dates. 

The places where we screen are described on the ‘Where we screen’ page

If you are not able to come to the screening appointment due to health or circumstances please still contact the booking office and they will ensure that you are invited at a later date.

In certain cases such as our surveillance clinics, Slit lamp clinics and Ophthalmology clinics we will book the appointment for you as it may be necessary to see you sooner according to how urgent we feel your need is.

The Derbyshire Diabetic Screening Programme is commissioned by NHS England to provide Diabetic Screening in the Derbyshire area. The Programme is governed by the 19 National screening objectives and 3 Key Performance Indicators to ensure that the highest standards and safety measures are maintained whilst caring for our patients. 

The Programme has very close links with Chesterfield and Derby Eye out patient departments with dedicated clinicians working for it in specialised clinics. This means that should there be a need to refer you quickly for treatment at the Hospital the Programme has the ability to do this and give you the best care possible.

By attending our clinics you will be taking part in National screening with all the benefits that brings and have your photographs looked at by anything up to 4 trained and qualified staff before a decision on your eyes is made. This ensures that everything possible is done to pick up any problems you might have with your eyes.