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Ken Smith
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DDES Patient Questionnaire

Patient Questionnaire 

Derbyshire diabetic eye screening programme

5 excellent, 4 very good, 3 good, 2 poor, 1 very poor

How easy was the venue to get to?
How good were the buildings facilities?
How suitable was the waiting area?
How clean was the venue?
How was the reception?

Screener / Clinician
How timely was the screener?
How good was the patient information?
How was your overall care?
How well were questions answered?
How good was the screener's hygiene?

All information and photographs relating to patient’s diabetic screening appointments are kept in a secure computer database. The photographs and information are only available to the Derbyshire Diabetic Eye Screening Programme or Trusts where the service is based in order to provide direct care to patients.

The patient information is kept and used in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Local Hospital policies relating to Information Governance. Local Caldicott Guardians and their teams advise and mandate how the information is transferred and used.

Patient’s information may be shared, once agreed by the Caldicott Guardian, with other healthcare professionals. This is done on a basis of; only staff that require the information have access and is limited to the minimum they require to do their role and no more.

A patient has the right to request information that is held about them within any organisation. The Trusts Information Access Team process these requests - http://www.derbyhospitals.nhs.uk/patients/how-to-access-your-health-record/) A patient also has the right to withdraw their consent for this information to be held on the database. It must be noted that if a patient withdraws their consent, screening cannot take place, which places the patient at a higher risk of not identifying possible sight threatening eye conditions.