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Meet The Team

The Derby Diabetic Retinal Eye Screening team is split into two regions.  South of Derbyshire and North Derbyshire. 

This includes two groups of retinal screener/graders who you will meet on your screening visit.  

A team who book appointments for both North and South who you can talk to when making your appointment and an admin team who work behind the scenes making everything run smoothly. 

All of the team have to pass a City and Guilds in Retinal screening which is tailored to their job role.  This helps to keep standards high and consistent especially when grading the retinal images.  

The teams are now in their 10th year of operation and see a combined figure of 61000 patients every calendar year.  

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DDES Derby Team
DDES Derby Team
  • David Millington – Screener Grader South Derbyshire 
  • Richard Cragg – Programme manager for North & South Derbyshire
  • Mr Chen – Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Clinical Lead  for South Derbyshire 
  • Sharon Anduiza – Team Leader for Derbyshire South Screening team  
  • Suzanne Gaskin – Failsafe Officer for Derbyshire 
  • Dawn Mc Aleer – Failsafe Officer / Senior Administration Officer Derbyshire
  • Michael Athorn - Diabetic Screener Grader
  • Andrew Howe - Diabetic Screener Grader
  • Sam Cooke - Diabetic Screener Grader
  • Claire Erroch - Diabetic Screener Grader
  • Eleanor Marriott - Diabetic Screener Grader
  • Maureen Lakin - Diabetic Screener Grader
  • Marie Tambar - Receptionist
  • Kay Walker - Pathway Coordinator
  • Peter Thompson - Booking Clerk
  • Zoe Jeeves - Booking Clerk
  • Karen Freeth - Booking Clerk
  • Janet Greenough - Booking Clerk
  • Mr Choudhary - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Clinical Lead  for North Derbyshire  
  • Claire Bond – Matron for Ophthalmology OPD Chesterfield Royal Hospital  
  • Jayne Elliott – Failsafe Officer North Derbyshire  
  • Cheryl Bolton – Screener Grader North Derbyshire
  • Michelle Dawes – Screener Grader North Derbyshire
  • Richard Clarke - Screener Grader North Derbyshire
  • Marilyn Townsend - Screener Grader North Derbyshire 
  • Rebecca Hoskin - Screener Grader North Derbyshire 
  • Jodie Ratcliffe - Team Leader for Derbyshire North Screening team 
  • Hellen Wyley - Failsafe Officer